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We love to clean and it shows.

The Superior Home process for cleaning vinyl, tile, grout, and natural stone hard surfaces (including travertine, brick. concrete and stucco) will restore your floors to like-new condition with our industry leading technology and cleaning solutions. You may have seen floors and walls with a greenish hue, stains from dirt or coffee spills that won't go away on their own. Our process brings your natural stone surfaces back to life by removing organic soils like mold, mildew, grease and oils without harsh chemicals!

Our patented technology removes the toughest of substances such as dried paint off concrete before refinishing it for an unmatched shine-all in one day! We use EPA-certified and environmentally friendly products to first pre-treat the surface with a deep cleaning product that loosens dirt, grime, oils, and bacteria. We also take great care to protect other parts of your home or business around the area we are going clean so you don't have any worries about damage in those areas.

We know that you're always looking for the best, most reliable company to take care of your floors. You can have peace-of-mind knowing we provide high quality carpet and hard cleaning services at reasonable prices with a 100% guarantee that our work is satisfactory! Our trained technicians use high pressure water and heat to remove difficult stains from even the most stubborn areas. With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that your floors will be left clean as a whistle!

Our patented vacuum extraction process is the perfect solution for any clean-freak that wants their home to be a safe haven. Your floors will truly sparkle with our company's service, and you'll never worry about your toddler having another mess on them again.

Our patent pending vacuum extraction system takes out all of the soil from dirty water so when we're done cleaning up after you, it just looks like nothing ever happened!

Superior Home Carpet Cleaning is a company that pledges to provide you with professional, high-quality carpet and hard cleaning services at reasonable prices. Unlike other companies in this industry who may have less of a guarantee or higher rates for their service, Superior Home has always been committed to the satisfaction of your needs. Check out our Testimonials on the website but don't take it from them...try us out yourself! We also offer a monthly maintenance program to keep your hard surfaces looking like new, whatever the circumstances!